600 K018N1N152AAU Part Numbering System

Single plunger actuation contact pin. Four piece design (plunger x2; spring; barrel) with one plunger permanently fixed.

Designed for ≥ 0.3mm pitch devices.



Mechanical Specifications

Device Pitch 0.3mm pitch or above
Test Height 4.65mm
Force at Operating Position 15gf at 0.55mm
Maximum Travel 0.60mm, 15.8gf
Operating Temperature -20°C to 120°C
Life Expectancy 100,000 cycles


Device Plunger Hardened Carbon Steel Gold Plated
Barrel Gold Clad Gold Plated
Spring Music Wire Gold Plated
Bottom Plunger Hardened Beryllium Copper Gold Plated

Electrical Specification

Contact Resistance <160mOhm
Current Carrying Capacity 1.0Amps Continuous
Bandwith N/A




All specifications are subject to change without notice