600 D057C4N248AEV Part Numbering System

Double sided plunger actuation contact pin. Four piece design (plunger x2; spring; barrel).

Designed for ≥ 0.75mm pitch devices.



Mechanical Specifications

Device Pitch 0.75mm pitch or above
Test Height 4.20mm
Force at Operating Position 33gf at 0.60mm
Maximum Travel 0.8mm, 40gf
Operating Temperature -20°C to 120°C
Life Expectancy 500,000 cycles


Device Plunger Palladium Alloy  
Barrel Phosphor Bronze Gold Plated
Spring Music Wire Gold Plated
Bottom Plunger Hardened Beryllium Copper Gold Plated

Electrical Specification

Contact Resistance <50mOhm
Current Carrying Capacity 3.0Amps Continuous
Bandwith 10GHz@-1dB




All specifications are subject to change without notice